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How to Dress for a Volleyball Game

Like every sport out there, volleyball has a dress code, but it’s way more lenient. You don’t have to wear anything heavy — basic gym attire and court shoes are really what is needed. The rest is pretty much your choice (but it will make you more comfortable). If you’re preparing for your first-ever volleyball […]

5 Safety Tips for Volleyball

Though volleyball is one of the safest sports worldwide, injuries can happen on the field. In fact, according to volleyball injury statistics, 2 to 4 injuries are reported for every thousand hours of play. However, most of these injuries can be prevented by following safety tips for the court. This includes using advanced volleyball net […]

Volleyball Blocking Positions

Every volleyball player needs to perfect their blocking skill, especially if they are a blocker. Then, it becomes your job to stop the incoming ball from the opposing team. Good blocking is all about knowing the right timings, movement, and positioning — you’ll need to be in a balanced position, ready to anticipate the ball, […]

Top Volleyball Terms You Need to Know

You’re going to a highly anticipated volleyball game…but you don’t understand the jargon. How will you ever enjoy the game to the fullest? To save you the hassle, we’ve gathered the must-know volleyball terms that’ll keep you in the loop of what’s happening around you! Must-Know Basic Volleyball Terms Ace: A serve that is unpassable and results […]

Exciting Volleyball Warm-Up Games

Whether you’re playing volleyball or soccer, warm-up is essential to ensure you don’t strain your muscles. When players engage in sports without warming up, they’re prone to sustain injuries. However, many players might find warming up a little too boring. Luckily, we’ve made warm-ups exciting by bringing you some thrilling volleyball warm-up games. Knee Tag Knee […]