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5 Safety Tips for Volleyball

Though volleyball is one of the safest sports worldwide, injuries can happen on the field. In fact, according to volleyball injury statistics, 2 to 4 injuries are reported for every thousand hours of play. However, most of these injuries can be prevented by following safety tips for the court. This includes using advanced volleyball net […]

Volleyball Blocking Positions

Every volleyball player needs to perfect their blocking skill, especially if they are a blocker. Then, it becomes your job to stop the incoming ball from the opposing team. Good blocking is all about knowing the right timings, movement, and positioning — you’ll need to be in a balanced position, ready to anticipate the ball, […]

Top Volleyball Terms You Need to Know

You’re going to a highly anticipated volleyball game…but you don’t understand the jargon. How will you ever enjoy the game to the fullest? To save you the hassle, we’ve gathered the must-know volleyball terms that’ll keep you in the loop of what’s happening around you! Must-Know Basic Volleyball Terms Ace: A serve that is unpassable and results […]

Exciting Volleyball Warm-Up Games

Whether you’re playing volleyball or soccer, warm-up is essential to ensure you don’t strain your muscles. When players engage in sports without warming up, they’re prone to sustain injuries. However, many players might find warming up a little too boring. Luckily, we’ve made warm-ups exciting by bringing you some thrilling volleyball warm-up games. Knee Tag Knee […]