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Are you a volleyball player looking to improve your performance on the court this season? If so, you’ll need to polish your skills and keep your body tuned for when it’s time. To help you practice like a professional, we offer a few volleyball net systems that can be installed in under 5 minutes.

Here are three essential drills to practice before a game.

1. Warm Up: Core And Arms

If you’re a seasoned athlete, you already know how crucial it is to warm up and stretch properly before any demanding physical activity to avoid muscle stiffness or other mishaps. For volleyball players, warming up their core and arms is necessary, given that those are the areas of the body that will be working the hardest during a game.

To do the warm-up drill, all you’ll need is a volleyball and a flat surface. Begin by getting into the push-up position, making sure your body is straight against the floor. Take the ball in both hands and press down to push yourself up. For variation, you can roll the ball from one hand to the other and try doing one-hand push-ups using the ball as well.

2. Pass And Smash

This drill involves two people at the minimum, given that it requires a pass. You’ll need to time yourself with another player to do this properly. You’ll first pass the volleyball to one of your team members and run toward the volleyball net. Once you’re close to the net, the same team member needs to pass the ball to you, which you’ll smash over the other side.

Make sure you’ve got the right net system for your practice sessions and support equipment of good quality.

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3. Four-Player Passing Drill

Although technically simpler to do, passing drills are really important to practice before a match. Not only does this strengthen your grip on the ball, but it also builds the teamwork skills needed to deliver a winning performance.

For this particular drill, you’ll need three more people with you. Stand apart from each other to make a square and begin passing the volleyball amongst the group of four in different patterns. You can also add your variation to this drill, such as by adding a run and blocking motion.

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