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“The setup is simple, and playing characteristics outstanding. With no guy-wires, the Cobra is the safest portable volleyball system in existence.”

Volleyball Magazine

Proud Owner for 20 years!

I am the proud owner and recreational user of a Cobra ‘no guy-wires/ropes’ volleyball system for…wait for it…over 20 years. I purchased, what has to have been, one of the first ones ever made. I was roughly 15 years old at the time, and I am now 37, and I can say, without hesitation, it has definitely held up better over the years than I have. Whenever I reach for it, it’s as sturdy and ready for action as ever. That is until this past month, however, when I went to pull it out and found that a rat in my pool house had chewed through both the bag and large portions of the net. Never fear…I just called Cobra, and within 2-3 days I had a new bag and net and was back in action once again. As an investment advisor, I am always looking for a good Return on Investment (ROI), and I can say that, in terms of both exercise and fun, I have reaped wonderful rewards on the purchase of my Cobra volleyball net.

Jonathan Leidy - Larkspur CA


After dealing with numerous flimsy and dangerous volleyball nets that seem to fall apart after only a couple of uses, I decided to spend a little more and get the Viper volleyball net from Cobra. IT IS SPECTACULAR! The net is straight and tight. The fact that there are no ropes coming off the poles allows the court to be put up in a smaller area and, of course, is much safer. The net is easily adjusted and assembly/dis-assembly is easy. AWESOME PRODUCT! Would highly recommend to anyone. I can’t imagine how good their premium product is!

Josh Frantz - Red Bluff CA

Cobra Sports pays attention to every detail

I purchased a Cobra indoor/outdoor volleyball net system in August of 2009 and it’s been great. It was a unique situation (in a barn with a cement floor and a unique design) and it’s worked out fantastic. We’re now putting a sport court over the cement and needed some additional guidance on what we’ll need to accommodate it. The difference between good & excellence is attention to detail; and the staff at Cobra Sports pays attention to every detail to ensure the product delivered will be the best! Thank you for such a great experience & excellent ongoing customer support services.

Tom & Michelle Nielsen - Marathon, WI

Built to last a lifetime!

There’s no better volleyball equipment out there than the Viper. We’ve never taken it down and it’s stood up to the wear and tear of the brutal Arizona sun. It definitely IS built to last a lifetime! What we love about it is that the net holds true. If you’re looking for a volleyball net there’s no better system. Lightweight and extremely durable.

Wayne Pomeroy - Mesa AZ

The system worked flawlessly

Thank you for your exceptional customer service. I am in business also and know how important that is, and you do it well. Your willingness to go the extra mile and solve our problem was a great unexpected treat. We received our Cobra volleyball net just in time for our party. 30 high school football players had a great time with it and the system worked flawlessly. Again thank you for your superior service and superior product. I will recommend Cobra Sports to my friends and colleagues.

Terry McDonald - Sacramento CA

Net action is like those in a gym

I wanted to thank you for going the extra mile to get the Cobra volleyball net system to us for my daughter’s 13th birthday! She loves it! I also love it. It is sooo much better than any of the cheaper sets we have had. It only takes me minutes to get up and down. The net action is like those in the gym. I would strongly recommend this system to anyone who wants a high quality system. Thanks again!

George Evans - Topeka KS

15 years of use!

After 15 years of use, we need to replace the net on our Cobra volleyball system. The Cobra has been incredibly reliable and durable. We love the fact that it doesn’t have guy-wires. Another thing we love is whether we use it on beach or grass doesn’t make a difference. It plays great on both and with no sand kits on the beach.

Matt Kojis - San Diego CA

Surprisingly easy to set up

I absolutely LOVE the Cobra outdoor volleyball net system! I have been using it for about three years at corporate events and it is so great to know that my volleyball net is going to stay up and I don’t have to worry about people tripping over guy-wires. For such a sturdy net system, it is surprisingly easy to set up. Sure it costs more than a traditional portable volleyball net, but the peace-of-mind is worth every penny. I am sure I would have replaced a cheaper volleyball net two or three times by now. Thank you so much for creating this system and for the wonderful service I have received.

Bob Hertel, Director of Operations, VIKTOR Incentives & Meetings - Traverse City, MI

We love our Cobra volleyball net

Hi, Shelley, We have the Cobra volleyball net system. We bought yours because we loved the fact that we could see the set up video prior to our purchase. When we received the volleyball net and set it up, it was actually as easy as your video shows. The net height variation is awesome, as we play badminton too. We live in the mountains and can never get anything in our ground. Les told us to try it before we purchased the ground sleeves to do so. Believe it or not…the stakes went into our ground. Thanks so much. We love our Cobra volleyball net.

Ilene & Mike - Saylorsburg, PA