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Viper II Outdoor Badminton Net System


Portable Badminton Net Systems

For most people, finding a game that they can play on the beach or grass that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master can lead them through a wide range of possibilities. If volleyball sounds too aggressive for your knees, badminton provides an alternative that everyone can pick up and play. Having a portable badminton net system from Cobra Net Systems means you can get a game set and ready to go in no time!

The beauty of badminton lies in its ability to provide competitive fun for people both indoors and outdoors. All you need is a space large enough to support the badminton nets and poles while giving the players space to work with. With our portable badminton net systems, you can have a professional badminton net ready to go when and where you need it.

Outdoor Badminton Nets

Different playing conditions require different types of backyard badminton nets to play the game as effectively as possible. Choosing the right portable badminton net system for your next match helps keep your game moving at a comfortable pace. For an outdoor badminton net, you want a system that features sturdier materials that can withstand the elements.

Every outdoor badminton net that our team makes comes equipped with a lifetime guarantee that it will stand up to the elements. Our badminton posts are built with highly durable steel that is still lightweight enough to be easily set up by one person — without the aid of guy wires or potentially hazardous rope systems. Our patented flex pole technology ensures your net stays taught the entire game and can hold up under professional playing conditions.

Indoor Badminton Nets

It’s not always the outdoors where you need a professional-grade badminton net to help your highly competitive games. Indoor badminton games are just as popular as their outdoor counterparts, whether at the high school, collegiate, or professional levels. For your indoor badminton net, you need a portable system ready to move throughout your gym quickly and efficiently to keep your games moving.

Our portable badminton net systems pair amazingly well with indoor gyms due to their combination of lightweight construction and enhanced durability. Our indoor badminton posts provide our customers with the taught nets that help keep their games going as smoothly as possible.

Where to Buy Badminton Nets?

Knowing where to find and buy your new backyard badminton nets and accessories remains a crucial part of your experience. You want a net with durable badminton poles that can withstand the elements and won’t degrade when you put them into storage for an extended period. Cobra Net Systems provides our customers with the best badminton nets in the industry, featuring the durable construction that people have come to expect from our nets. We provide our customers with professional-grade nets that hold up over years of repeated matches and aggressive play styles. The fact they are easy to set up and play endears them to the recreational crowd and the professional level.

Trust Cobra Net Systems for Your Next Portable Badminton Net System!

Whether you need a portable badminton net for your next collegiate competition or want to have something for your backyard at your next party, getting a new net requires choosing the right company to get it through.

Cobra Net Systems has provided our clients with the highest-quality badminton and custom volleyball nets since 1992. Browse our selection of portable badminton net systems to find the one that best fits your needs today!

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Designed to set up quickly, and last a lifetime.

  1. No Guy Wires/Ropes
  2. Fast One Person Set Up
  3. Superior Net Play
  4. Stays Tight All Game
  5. Versatile – Play 5 Different Games

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Viper II Outdoor Badminton Net System

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