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Whether you’re playing volleyball or soccer, warm-up is essential to ensure you don’t strain your muscles. When players engage in sports without warming up, they’re prone to sustain injuries. However, many players might find warming up a little too boring.

Luckily, we’ve made warm-ups exciting by bringing you some thrilling volleyball warm-up games.

Knee Tag

Knee tag is an exciting yet simple drill that can quickly warm you up. Assemble everyone into pairs and take a defensive stance. When the game starts, each player’s goal is to touch their opponent’s knee as many times as possible. It’s a basic concept, but it’s clear that players in a high ready posture are sensitive to having their knees touched.

As they improve, they will learn to move swiftly to avoid knee contact, and active players will use their arms to deflect and counter their opponents’ attempts.

Freeze Tag

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This warm-up game is great to brush up your diving skills. Set up a clearly defined playing space for your team. Half a volleyball court works well for ten players. “It” is a single person whose purpose is to “freeze” everyone by labeling them. The one who is “it” wins if they effectively freeze everyone.

The limitation is that anyone who isn’t frozen can “un-freeze” a player by diving between the frozen person’s legs. When trying to unfreeze someone, anyone who is still hesitant when reaching the ground will usually get tagged.

Winning the game can get challenging for the person who’s “it”, so you could always assign two people as the “it” to make the game more exciting.

Ball Tag

This warm-up game is similar to freeze tag, but it’s even more exciting to play. Just like in freeze tag, one person becomes the “it” in ball tag, and the rest need to prevent themselves from getting tagged. However, if you step outside the boundary, you’re automatically the “it.â€

The twist is there’s a volleyball in the game, and the person carrying it can’t be tagged. To prevent anyone from getting tagged, the team must work together to pass the ball to teammates close to being tagged. This is an excellent approach for improving quick decision making skills.

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