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Every volleyball player needs to perfect their blocking skill, especially if they are a blocker. Then, it becomes your job to stop the incoming ball from the opposing team.

Good blocking is all about knowing the right timings, movement, and positioning — you’ll need to be in a balanced position, ready to anticipate the ball, and make the required movement to deflect or block your opponent’s attack.

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Your Ideal Position for Blocking

  1. Stand at a comfortable distance from the volleyball net with enough space to push and move sideways if the need arises.
  2. Keep your arms in front of you so that you’re ready to react when the other team hits the ball.

Better Blocking with Footwork

Your footwork needs to be the point. Here’s what you should do:

Keep Your Hands in Position

You want your hands to be up, not by your sides. This way you’ll be ready to block the ball. Also, when you’re already in this position, you’re less likely to touch the net when you jump.

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Jump Laterally

For this move, you can start by jumping laterally from one foot. When you want to move to the left, jump on your left foot. Follow this with your right foot, land, and then jump again.

Remember, you want to jump in front of where the hitter is aiming the ball and ensure you’re completely balanced before leaping.

Three-step Crossover

When you have to travel a greater distance, you can move left, cross your right foot in front of your body to go sideways, then plant the right foot, turn and face the volleyball net. Now you can jump to block.

Effective Blocking Tips

To become better at blocking, you need to practice it. Here’s what you need to focus on:

Court Vision

You should be aware of how the setters and hitters plan to attack. Watch them closely for clues!

Don’t Swing Your Arms

When you’re in a position with your hands above the net, don’t swing your arms. This will make it harder to block as your arms might not be in the right blocking position.

Position Your Hands Properly

Make sure your fingers are spread wide when you’re aiming to block. This increases the area they’ll cover and helps them tense up (great for blocking and preventing injuries).

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