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You’re going to a highly anticipated volleyball game…but you don’t understand the jargon. How will you ever enjoy the game to the fullest? To save you the hassle, we’ve gathered the must-know volleyball terms that’ll keep you in the loop of what’s happening around you!

Must-Know Basic Volleyball Terms

Ace: A serve that is unpassable and results in a point.

Assist: Passing or setting the ball to a teammate to help them set up a kill.

Block: A defense play where the spiked ball is deflected back to the opponent’s court.

Campfire: When two or more players surround a ball that has just landed on the floor.

Cut Shot: Aspiked attack that travels at a sharp, parallel to the net.

Dig: Passing a ball that’s spiked or moving close to the ground.

Dink: One-handedly pushing the ball over to the blockers.

Double Hit: Illegal hit where the player makes contact with the ball twice in a row.

Floater: A served ball that does not spin.

Footfault: Stepping over the court line when serving. This results in a point for the opponent.

Jump Serve: Tossing the ball in the air, leaping, and hitting it when it’s spiraling down.

Joust: When the ball falls on the net and opposing players push it to the other side.

Kill: A hit that results in a point.

Line Shot: A ball that lands on the opposing side.

Off-speed Hit: A ball that has spin but less force.

Power Alley: A powerful hit that reaches the end of the court.

Reception Error: When a player botches a serve that could have been returned. This results in an ace.

Pancake: A ball bounce that occurs when a player places their hand on the floor.

Shank: An unplayable pass.

Shot: Offensive play where the ball is directed into an open court area.

Spike: When a team’s hitter attacks the ball in a swimming, rotating motion.

Strong Side:  A right-handed hit from the left side of the court.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

Knowing basic volleyball terminologies will already pass you off as a pro, even when you’re just a novice. But if you want to understand the game further, you’ll have to start from the ground up. Start learning the rules of the game, the right and wrong moves, the accessories you need, the type of volleyball net systems that are safe and portable (check Cobra Net System’s volleyball net sets that have no guy wires, ropes, or pegs).

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