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Like every sport out there, volleyball has a dress code, but it’s way more lenient. You don’t have to wear anything heavy — basic gym attire and court shoes are really what is needed. The rest is pretty much your choice (but it will make you more comfortable).

If you’re preparing for your first-ever volleyball game, here’s what you need to have:

The Must-Haves: Shirt, Shorts, Sports Bra, Shoes, and Shirt

Court shoes

Don’t wear your worn-out old pair of shoes. Volleyball requires a lot of lateral movement (including diving and jumping) and shoes with frictionless soles are a bad idea.

You need court shoes specially designed to support all sorts of movements and ensure stability while also cushioning your feet from the impact of all that jumping.

Fitted Top

You must’ve noticed how volleyball players wear form-fitting tops. This is because of the game rules — volleyball doesn’t allow players or their clothing to touch the volleyball net. So, wearing something fitted means you won’t be getting a net violation.

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Short or Tights

Like the top, the shorts and tights should be fitted as well. Baggy clothes can get in the way and make it difficult for you to move. Men usually wear comfy board shorts, while women wear spandex or mid-thigh shorts.

Athletic Socks

Just like in any other sport, you’re going to sweat a lot. This is where athletic socks come in to save the day. They’re made up of moisture-wicking material which absorbs sweat. Plus, they’re also very comfy to wear and provide adequate cushioning.

Sports Bra

There’s much jumping involved in volleyball! This is why sports bras are a must-have. They’re a great investment, and they’ll make you feel more comfortable and confident on the court. When buying a bra, look for ones made of moisture-wicking material to wick away the sweat. Additionally, they should not be too constricting. Choose something snug and comfy.

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