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Though volleyball is one of the safest sports worldwide, injuries can happen on the field. In fact, according to volleyball injury statistics, 2 to 4 injuries are reported for every thousand hours of play.

However, most of these injuries can be prevented by following safety tips for the court. This includes using advanced volleyball net systems, practicing proper techniques, and wearing safety equipment.

Here are a few ways you can prevent volleyball injuries:

Preparation for the Play

Your body needs to be in shape for the game. You can ensure this by:

  • Maintaining fitness by following a fitness program incorporating strength training, aerobic exercise, and flexibility.
  • Warming up and stretching before a game since cold muscles are at a higher risk of injury.
  • Cooling down and stretching at the end of practice to keep muscles flexible
  • Staying hydratedor your body won’t be able to cool itself during the game, which could affect your performance.
  • Applying sunscreen every two hours that’s at least SPF 15++.

a man hanging by a volleyball net system

Wear Appropriate Safety Equipment

You can have a safer game if you wear the following:

  • Knee pads to protect your knees when you fall on the ground
  • Shoes with a strong ankle and arch support
  • Defensive, padded pants to prevent bruises
  • Ankle support to provide additional stability

Ensure a Safe Environment

A safe environment also prevents potential injuries. You should ensure the following:

  • The volleyball net systemsare free from wires, pegs, ropes, or ground plates
  • The ground has no rocks, sharp objects, or glass

Focus on Technique

Following proper game techniques help you play a safe game. You should:

  • Refrain from grabbing the net (unless it’s a Cobra net that uses specialized ground-anchoring technology)
  • Call before going for the ball so you don’t collide with another player

Prepare for Injuries

No matter how much you try to prevent them, injuries do happen. Prepare for them beforehand by:

  • Ensuring the coaches know how to administer first aid kits for minor injuries
  • Being prepared for emergencies by having a plan to reach medics.

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Part of playing a safe volleyball game depends on the type of net system you use.

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