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I did receive my Cobra volleyball net – we used it last Tuesday and absolutely love it. I think we are the envy of everyone at the park.

Gail Lucarelli - Cheektowaga NY

Got the Cobra volleyball net and love everything about it. Easy set up. Nice and tight and looks good. Thanks.

Darren Devore - Benton, AR

We last communicated a year ago when I ordered the Cobra outdoor volleyball net. Received everything in timely fashion and was impressed with the quality of materials, and very much looking forward to put it to the test. Due to all sorts of delays getting the playing area ready in our backyard, finally got it set up for the first time a few days ago. It looks and plays great, as expected. Thanks again.

Michel Dallaire - Quebec Canada

I love the Cobra volleyball net! It works great on the beach from sun up to sun down & I never have to re-set it in the sand. Thanks for helping me weigh the differences between the Cobra & the Viper so that I could make the right decision for the level of play I wanted.

Brent Rigor - Naples FL

WOW…..Great Set-up (Cobra volleyball net system), Looks Super and was better than I could have imagined…Nice to do business with a company that actually makes a great product and then stands behind it…Thanks Again!

Mark A. Whittaker - New Haven, CT

We have been having great fun and created a good bit of interest with our first few Cobra beach tennis nets.

Mike Davis - South Africa

I would like to thank you for your prompt response to our Viper volleyball net issue (purchased May 2009 and needed a new top line). We received a new net no charge under the 2 year warranty guarantee. I continue to be pleased by my association with Cobra and will spread the word to anyone looking for volleyball equipment!

M. Eric Eberhardt, Eberhardt & Hale, LLP - Athens, GA

Cobra volleyball net systems are the most effective portable volleyball nets I have ever used. Being an AVP professional beach volleyball player for the past 10 years I have been involved in many tournaments, camps, clinics, and exhibitions. I have always had problems with the safety of the other volleyball nets, as the guy wires made me nervous to be around. The Cobra net systems don’t have guy wires so I don’t have to worry about the dangerous area outside the poles. It also saves a lot of room around the court. The tension is great and they are easy to set up. I took a few of my Cobra nets down to the beach one day and all the pros enjoyed playing on it. They also agreed that the Cobras were easy to set up and most importantly the safest portable volleyball nets they had ever played on. I do clinics for adults and children and feel great knowing that I have the safest and most convenient volleyball net around, the Cobra!

Albert Hannemann - AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Champion

There’s no portable volleyball net the players would rather use!

The Cobra Volleyball net system is rated the best-all-in-all. This is an excellent system. It is the most attractive. There’s no portable volleyball net the players would rather use, and that’s quite an endorsement. The details incorporated in the design are very well thought out. The Cobra works equally well on sand or grass.

Gary Wakai - Former Commissioner NCVA, AVA, USA (USVBA) outdoor, Tournament Director

After using the Cobra volleyball net system since 1996, I can honestly say that there is no better. Not only is the Cobra  the safest portable volleyball net on the market, but it also sets up and performs to perfection. You can get the Cobra net to set up and play like an indoor net. Once you have used the Cobra net, you will never want to set up a conventional guy wire system again!

Scott Swanson, Associate Head Coach - Arizona State Volleyball, Sun Devil Turf Challenge - Tournament Director