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I’ve been involved with producing volleyball tournaments at the professional and recreational level since 1983, and the greatest innovation in the game for me has been the Cobra volleyball net system. Setting up portable net systems used to take up most of the time in running a tournament, but with the Cobra we are able to set up the courts in minutes. There is no way my tournaments could have experienced the growth they have without the Cobra. I use them on the beach, grass, beach, asphalt and indoors. They provide a clean look and a high level of play.

Denny Lennon – Lennon Sports, AAU National Beach Volleyball Tour, Pro Beach Volleyball Junior Tours, Promoter: McDonald’s Cup Volleyball/Venice Backyard Championships, WPVA Announcer/Santa Monica Pro/Celeb Classic

During my 30 years as a professional volleyball player and coach, I can say that the Cobra volleyball net system has the absolute best combination of portability, durability and playability of any outdoor portable volleyball net I have seen. I have played professionally both on the sand and indoors and now as a competitor and organizer of grass volleyball tournament events in Northern California, I can say that the Cobra is simply the best.

Jon Stevenson, Pro Beach Champion, Head Coach St. Mary’s College, CA; Former Head Coach - Sonoma State University, California

The best portable volleyball net system on the beach or anywhere else! I’ve used them all – everything that has been set up on the beach and the grass, the Cobra is by far the best. The Cobra sets up great. It’s simple and it stays tight… It’s outstanding.

Gene Selznick - All Time Pro/Coach and first King of the Beach

I have played on the AVP tour for 14 years and have used many systems, but nothing is like the Cobra. It is easy to set-up and you get great net tension.

Scott Friederichsen - AVP Champion

Float Serve Volleyball has been using the Cobra volleyball net system for grass and beach tournaments in Southern California for over 10 years. The Cobra is without question the top of the line portable net system and the world’s safest. Float Serve Volleyball does not use guy wire systems because of the associated safety concerns involved. Setup and tear down times are minimal.

Float Serve Volleyball

We’ve had our Cobra volleyball net system for many years and it’s been great for our Church. We don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt on guy wires and it’s easy to set up. We always buy high quality and Cobra Volleyball Equipment is no exception.

Clyde Weber, LDS Church Meridian 9 - Ward, ID

Exceptional volleyball equipment

Thank you for the constant updates. It is so refreshing to work with such an efficient and professional business as Cobra Sports. You can count on me to share my most favorable experience working with you, your company, and with your exceptional volleyball equipment with all my colleagues at The Ohio State University and my contacts at our other Big Ten institutions. You are welcome to use my testimonial anytime you wish. I am pleased to stand behind everything I have said about Cobra Sports, your tremendous service and just how enjoyable it is to work with you and Les. In 28 years here at The Ohio State University I have not come across very many products that are as well designed and constructed as the equipment from Cobra Sports. I just have to assume that your products are flying off the shelves.

David Beckel, Director of Student Activities & Recreational Sports, Ohio State University Marion