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Badminton Racket Kit


Badminton Racket Kit includes 4 all steel rackets with coated steel strings and a sheath of 6 shuttlecocks.

  • Rackets are flexible, tempered steel shaft with steel head and reinforced T-joint for strength.
  • Raised leather grip and top grade nylon coated steel strings.
  • Very durable rackets with great playing characteristics.
  • Shuttlecocks are tournament international nylon shuttlecocks, white fluted.


A diagram of the different types of volleyball nets.

Designed to set up quickly, and last a lifetime.

  1. No Guy Wires/Ropes
  2. Fast One Person Set Up
  3. Superior Net Play
  4. Stays Tight All Game
  5. Versatile – Play 5 Different Games

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A group of badminton rackets and some shuttlecocks.

Badminton Racket Kit

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