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Being physically fit should be an athlete’s number one priority no matter which sport you play. This is especially necessary for people who play volleyball, as it’s a physically intense sport. So, these are some of the workout routines you should follow if you love volleyball. You can even follow these if you’re a casual player and love playing indoor volleyball.


As mentioned before, volleyball is a physically intensive sport that requires a lot of stamina. This should reflect in your training as well—High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) allows you to build the necessary stamina and endurance.

You’ll want to start with box jumps by getting a 12-inch box and hopping on it with both feet and then hopping off it for at least 30 seconds. Take 15 to 20 second break and then repeat the process.

This will be followed by the jump-shuffle-jump-sprint which you’ll start with three squat jumps followed by shuffling a 10-feet distance three times. Follow up with squat jumps again and then sprinting back and forth at a 20 feet distance. Repeat the process after a short interval.


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Strength training is needed to improve your hitting and serving as well as your jumps to match the height of the volleyball nets. Start with dumbbell squats to press which means you will hold both the dumbbells over your shoulder and squat down and stand up with them still over your head.

After that do lateral lunges with a press. This involves you holding a weight in front of your chest and taking a step forward and bending your front leg while keeping the back one straight. Push the weight out and apply pressure on your front leg to stand straight. Repeat the process with the other leg.


Rest is just as important for your body as the whole workout routine is. You need to let your body recover from the intensive exercise you do the other days. So, it’s necessary that you leave at least two days in the week for rest. However, it’s important to know that you still need to stay active during those days.

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