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Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world today. The game has evolved from its humble 1800s beginning to a fast-paced and exciting sport that can be played both indoors and outdoors, on land or in the water. However, for maximum playability, it is important that you have the right volleyball system that meets your needs.

A volleyball system that is custom-designed to your exact specifications can allow people of different ages, genders, and abilities to play the sport comfortably and without risking injury to themselves.

In this comprehensive guide, we will talk about the features of the best custom volleyball system and its benefits for the players.

No Guy-Wires and Pegs

When it comes to guy-wires and pegs, not many people pay much attention to them at all. However, this equipment can increase the risk of injury. When looking to buy a volleyball system, often the cheapest choices can cost you the most. Guy-wires, heavy steel ground plates, and spikes are all things that can make the area around your volleyball system a danger zone, not only for the players but also for distracted passers-by.

Wires are tripping hazards and can cause injury to a person who is not looking at the guy-wires but at the ball. Keep in mind that guy-wires are high-tension wires, which cause them to be very sharp and if a person grazes their leg on it, it can result in lacerations and they can end up you having to make a trip to the hospital.

Another serious injury hazard is when you step on the sharp spike or peg that holds the tension wires down. When someone’s foot accidentally lands on a peg, it can cause a bruise at the bottom of the foot or twist the ankle that can keep the player away from the game for potentially a long time. So, in short, anything both inside the playing zone and immediately outside the playing zone can be a safety hazard for people.

In order to prevent injury to the foot or leg, it is highly recommended that you opt for volleyball systems that are wire-free and peg-free.

The Cobra Volleyball Net system is a one-of-a-kind volleyball system that does not have wires or pegs. These nets were designed with the player’s safety and convenience in mind. Instead, the volleyball system is supported by Flex pole technology that does not require the use of dangerous wires or pegs that can cause injury.

Virtually Indestructible with Flex Pole Technology

Volleyball is a high-contact sport with both the ball and players slamming into the volleyball system throughout the game. Most off-the-rack volleyball systems can collapse under such pressure or break their anchors and poles. It is important that your volleyball system be durable and high-quality so that it stands firm, no matter what you throw at it.

When it comes to a volleyball system’s anchors and poles, it is important that the manufacturers do not offer you flimsy construction or materials. Cobra Net Systems offer two incredibly strong and flexible alloy poles that can be easily slid over specially-engineered ground anchors. These ground anchors are designed specifically for easy hammering into sand, grass, and even rough ground and will never slip. This creates tight tension that does not allow the net to go slack. No matter how hard you slam the ball, the volleyball system will not bend, break, or collapse. The flex poles will bend slightly on impact but they will never break and can be easily removed as well once you are done with the game.

There is no other technology in volleyball systems that are similar to the flex pole system. Not only do these volleyball systems withstand the roughest play and perform reliably, they can last for a long time, whether you use them indoors or outdoors. Since the set poles are constructed of high-grade aluminum, they will not rust or corrode over time.

Many people who buy volleyball systems complain that their nets and poles were damaged after a few months of use. With the Cobra Net Systems, you do not need to buy a net for 5, 10, or even 20 years. Buying a volleyball system should be a one-time investment so you should only invest in high-quality durable systems that can stand the test of time without requiring parts replacements.

Unique Tightening System

Apart from the volleyball system poles and ground anchors, the main object, the net of the volleyball system should also not lose any tension. It can be frustrating to interrupt a match in the middle just to readjust and tighten the net. If you are looking for a volleyball system, it is important that you look for a system that does not droop, sag, or become loose.

Cobra Net Systems are equipped with a one-of-a-kind tightening system that can hold the tension in your net for as long as the system is standing. This means no need to stop playing come hell or high water.

Quick Setup

A truly portable volleyball system is one that can be easily carried, transported, and set up quickly. Setting up an old-school volleyball system can be time-consuming and inefficient since you have to dig holes in the ground to anchor the pegs and tie down the wires. It can be a bother to people who are just looking for some quick fun to spend several minutes setting up their playing area. Cobra Net Systems, on the other hand, are designed for a quick set up and convenience.

The setup is the same, whether you are playing on sand or grass. Find a spot and drive down the stakes deep into the ground. Slide the Flex Pole sleeves over the top of the stakes. Adjust the net to the right height and tighten it with a sharp yank of the rope through the clamp. Attach the stretch cords to the net’s corners and make sure the poles are secured when you have tightened up the net. The entire setup can be done in just a few short minutes by a single person.

Once you are done playing, you can also disassemble the system easily. The system is lightweight and easy to carry and can be tucked away in a closet, hung on wall hooks, or stored on vertical storage brackets.

Customized Net Heights

One of the most important features to see in a volleyball net system is the height settings. Determining the right height for your volleyball net is crucial for the performance of the team and the rules of the game. Regulation heights for indoor and outdoor volleyball nets depend on the age, gender, abilities, and number of players on the team.

If you are a serious player, you would typically look for more features and performance on your volleyball system, particularly how easy it is to readjust and handle the net.

The Cobra Volleyball System allows you to adjust the height of the net according to the type of players. The system offers three official volleyball height settings — men’s, women, and children’s — so that three different groups of people can play the game on a single net. The net easily locks into place and the poles are clearly marked with the regular competition heights.

The best thing is that we offer custom-sized nets to fit any space, even small backyards that do not accommodate a 32-foot net. Every volleyball system we offer can be customized, based on the type of individuals playing the game.

Combination Volleyball Systems

Most volleyball net systems available in the market are fixed and are capable of only allowing individuals of a certain height or ability to play or allow them to only play tennis. However, wouldn’t it be great if there was a volleyball system that could allow you to play not just volleyball but other popular net games as well, including badminton, tennis, beach tennis, and pickleball without any extra charge? Fortunately, Cobra Net Systems provide just that for players. Apart from their adjustable height based on men, women, and children, our volleyball systems also come with various configurations for playing just about any net game.

The combination volleyball net system consists of an aluminum floor-sleeve type that can be adjusted for all competition heights, including the abovementioned games. There is no limit to how you can adjust the net and set it up for your own game. Cobra Net Systems offer custom net size to fit any space and allow you to adjust its height to play any net game. In essence, you get the benefit of multiple net systems from a single versatile system — and that too without any additional cost.

2-for-1 Indoor and Outdoor Convertible Systems

Do you know what one of the best things about playing volleyball is? You can play it both indoors and outdoors. Buying a good-quality volleyball system is a considerable investment and it is a waste of money to buy two separate systems for indoors and outdoors volleyball — particularly if such a system exists which can allow you to play volleyball in diverse locations.

Cobra Net Systems offer you a wide range of volleyball systems that can be used to play the sport both indoors and outdoors. The indoor net systems are regulation size and portable, making them suitable for all types of uses, including for use in a home courtyard, gym, schools, outdoor space, or in the yard. At Cobra Net Systems, we have the ability to customize a net system the way you want.

Whether you need to play volleyball indoors or outdoors, Cobra Net Systems offer a unique wire-free and peg-free design that was designed by an experienced volleyball player and a tournament director — so they know their stuff. With this safety-minded design, players of all skill levels, abilities, ages, and experience can now play volleyball without risking injury to themselves.

Our outdoor volleyball net systems are also versatile and suitable for wide-ranging surfaces, be it sand, grass, or rough ground. Whether you want large or small nets, we can tailor them according to your unique space.

Pool Volleyball System

Do you know what’s more fun than having your very own swimming pool at home? Having a swimming pool with a volleyball system! Although swimming is great, it can get pretty boring after a while. To make the most of your swimming pool, owners should consider installing a pool volleyball system. As everyone knows, pool games can become competitive very quickly and if you are using a cheap-quality pool net, the water will splash from every side and can cause its fibers to deteriorate in just a few months. A volleyball system is expensive so you need to ensure that the net is durable enough to withstand the rigors of continual pool use.

In addition, pool games need to be set up quickly and easily and volleyball systems with complex setup can put a damper on anyone’s moods. With an Anaconda Custom Pool Volleyball Net system by Cobra, you can have a quick and easy set up.

Aside from these issues, there is an even bigger concern — that is the size of the net. Most pool owners may be content by adjustable nets for their swimming pools and end up disappointed when the system does not fit the pool well. To prevent this from happening to you, it is important that you invest in a pool volleyball system that has been customized to fit the exact dimension of your pool.

The team at Cobra Net Systems will first request the measurement of your pool from you and will handcraft the volleyball system according to the precise size of the pool. Having a perfectly-sized swimming pool volleyball net increases your playability and ramp up the fun, without you having to worry about an improperly sized net system that may fall down at any instant.

The pool net system is made of very high-quality and durable material that does not rot from continuous exposure to water and sun and dries well once it has been used. It can also withstand tough playing and will not break, bed, or tear. Like our indoor and outdoor nets, the pool volleyball system also does not have any guy-wires or pegs, has virtually indestructible flex poles, and a cutting-edge net tightening system that takes your volleyball game to another level. Depending on your needs and preference, Cobra Net Systems can also make custom pool volley ball nets with sunbench sleeves, underwater sleeves, offset deckings, and waterfall features.

Lifetime Warranties

A volleyball net system has to endure a lot of rough and tough conditions and the ones made of cheaper quality materials are prone to breakage, bending, and corrosion. That’s the reason why many volleyball net system companies do not offer a warranty or only offer warranty for a small period of time. However, your volleyball net system needs to be strong enough to last for 20 years or even more.

At Cobra Net Systems, we offer lifetime warranty on all our hardware — something that no other volleyball net system company provides. The nets are protected against any defect or damage that would make the system unsafe or unstable under normal use. You will also get a 2-year warranty on all other components of the system, including the net, stretch cords, pole pads, and boundary lines. If you have been using our volleyball system for under 30 days and are not impressed by it, we also offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee to our customers — no questions asked. Our volleyball system is guaranteed to last you a lifetime so your very first volleyball net system could very well be your last — and we mean it in the best way possible!

Where to Buy the Best Custom Volleyball System?

Are you looking to buy a high-quality volleyball net system that can offer you superior playability, unmatched versatility, lifetime warranty, and complete safety?

Cobra Sports International has been in the business of making patenting volleyball net systems for over 30 years. We are a leader in unique and highly customized net systems that can level up your playability and fun. What’s more, our custom nets do not cost you an arm or leg and are fairly priced.

We design versatile, adjustable, and highly customized volleyball net systems for both residential and commercial users. Whether you want a net for indoors or outdoors use, for land or pool use, for a professional tournament or home use, we can handcraft you a system that fulfills all your needs. Our nets are perfect for backyards, beaches, swimming pools, gyms, schools, recreation centers, and professional courts. All our nets are designed with premium-quality material and are wire-free and peg-free to prevent any risk of injury. Their poles and ground stakes are made with aluminum so they will not rust or corrode and will have enough flexibility to prevent breakage. In addition, they are designed for quick and convenient one-person setup.

When you buy a volleyball net system from us, we guarantee you will never need to buy another one. You can expect our volleyball net systems to perform as well as the first day you had them installed.

Reach out to us today for more information on volleyball systems or custom order your net from our team!