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Before you become a big-league volleyball player, your basics need to be spot on.

Once you master the basic (and most integral) volleyball skills, you can increase your chances of making it to the big league!

Forget the mantra, “bump, set, spike!†There are more options than these three that will make you a big-time game player.

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Here you go:


The most basic skill in volleyball is bumping. This is when you, as a player, contact the ball with your forearms and pass it along to a teammate. However, don’t wait with your hands clasped for the ball to come to you. Instead, move to the ball and strike it at the right time!

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A common misconception is that a set and a volley are the same things. However, they are not. A volley means contacting the ball with your hands. At the same time, a set is a type of volley.

You can use a volley on your own courtside or use it as an offensive way of throwing the ball over the net. On the other hand, a set is a pass between teammates.

How do you volley? Hands over your head, your index fingers should almost touch your forehead and make a diamond shape with your thumbs. Try not to contact the ball with fully extended arms. They should be slightly bent, along with your knees, as you’re contacting the ball.


The setting is a type of volley in which one of your teammates attack the ball. The difference between this and volleying is that you aim your set in a very specific manner. You have to get it on target — it should be high enough that the hitter can do their full approach but also not too high. Moreover, speed also matters.

You need to know how to volley, but being able to set the right speed and height and aim the set will give you an advantage.


One of the hardest skills to master, diving, is crashing to the floor to prevent the ball from touching it. Mastering it will save you aches and pains. You just need some practice and better coordination.

Tip: Contact the ball before you crash to the floor. Avoid all parts of your body hitting the floor at once, as this is what causes the most pain.


Blocking is a defensive action when a player jumps at the net to prevent (or block) the hit from getting to their team’s side of the net. Timing is key here. Also, keep your fingers splayed so you can cover more area and keep your eyes on their shoulder to keep track of where they’re aiming.

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