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The Viper Outdoor Volleyball Net System $299.00 is a scaled down version of the Cobra system. It’s still highly durable but has lighter poles and lighter duty net. It still has a high level of indestructibility.

  • The Viper Volleyball System weighs about 29 pounds, in it carrying case
  • This system has no guy wires and so eliminates the possibility of tripping and injuries from getting cut by the guy wires.
  • Nets can last up to 15 years…and beyond!
  • It has only two height settings: men’s at 8 feet and women’s at 7 feet 4 inches.
  • Our poles are designed to keep the net stretched tight for the duration of the game, and beyond. You’ll never have a dead ball in the net, you know, when the net curls up from the bottom and captures the ball and you have to go remove it manually. Nope, that doesn’t happen without nets! You’ll always be able to play the ball out of the net and our nets are so durable that they take, not hours, but months and years, of play.
  • We customize nets too! If you need you net for pickleball or regular tennis, just let us know and we’ll customize a net for you, for no extra charge
  • This volleyball system comes with a LifeTime Warranty on all hardware
  • All ‘soft good’ such as the net, pole pads, boundary line etc come with a two year warranty.
  • We offer official beach tennis and badminton nets as well. Order yours today.