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Playing any type of sport regularly can help you stay fit and healthy. Some sports are physically intensive, while some are low-intensity. However, any kind of movement and exercise will have health benefits. So should you go on a run or play a game of pool volleyball? Here’s how to decide which sports can help you on your fitness journey the most!


Cycling is a great sport if you want to stimulate all the muscles in your body. It can also help you build your stamina as well as improve the range of motion of your knees and back. It’s also a great sport if you’re looking to lose weight, as it burns more than 600 calories an hour.


Perhaps one of the best sports to help you stay fit without putting too much pressure on your joints as the water helps support your weight. You use all your upper and lower body muscles in swimming, which strengthens them. Furthermore, swimming is also a great way to lose weight as you can burn almost 850 calories by casually freestyling in the water for an hour.


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Squash is considered one of the healthiest sports you can play to stay fit. It has numerous benefits to your body, for example, it helps develop strength and power in your muscles, and also improves your hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, it also increases your flexibility and reflexes.


This is another great sport that can be played regularly to help you stay fit. It helps you tone your muscles and improve your aerobic activity. Even a casual game of backyard volleyball can help you stimulate your body. Furthermore, just like squash, it also helps you improve your coordination along with improvements in both speed and strength.

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