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Whether played indoors or outdoors, volleyball is an excellent sport filled with thrilling and exciting moves. As much as people like to play it, we have an overflowing enthusiasm to watch this spectacular game. If you’ve recently purchased an indoor or outdoor volleyball net system or planning to get one, you may be wondering how to master the game and show your friends how well you play the ball in the next match. We are here to guide you with the main moves to wow your friends:

1. Beginners

For those who have just hit the court to play their first game, the best move is tossing the ball or catching it at the most. This gives you time to familiarize yourself with the rules and observe how others pass and hit the ball. You can be more active once you have mastered tossing the ball.

2. Passing

Passing the ball in volleyball is nearly the same as passing it in football, except that you need to pass it with your hands, but not closed fists, to a player on your side of the net. Always angle your fists to pass the ball accurately and don’t hit too hard on it; otherwise, it will go past the net. Passing the ball is more like a bump than a proper hit.

3. Setting

Setting the ball is key to playing volleyball. Those who are good at the setting are as important as the attacker. A setter prepares the ball for the attacker to hit it on the other side of the net. The slower you bump the ball to set it for the attacker, the more time the attacker gains to angle their shot. One way is doing it with a regular passing move, while the perfect setting is putting your hands on the forehead and pushing the ball up with your fingers to give it a gentle bump.

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4. Spiking

Spiking is the ‘turbo’ of volleyball. A player runs forward, jumps up, and strikes the ball with full power to the other side of the net. Spiking almost always results in a point.

5. Blocking

Blocking is a defensive move where players come closer to the net right when the attacker from the other side shoots the ball. The blockers instantly jump near the net and bounce the ball back to the other side.

6. Digging

Digging is the last resort to keep the ball from touching the ground. When players fail to hit the ball on time, and it is about to touch the ground, a player from the back quickly dives in to bump the ball off before it touches the ground.

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