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The NCAA has declared that a regulation sand volleyball court must not have guy wires or stakes and that is exactly the quality that sets the Cobra Outdoor Volleyball System and the Viper Outdoor Volleyball Net System apart. Our net systems do not require guy wires which means there are no wires to trip over and potentially injure a player and it mean that the area of play is enlarged. No more watching out for guy wires and limiting your total commitment to getting the ball! Sand Volleyball is gaining in popularity at staggering rates. At this time over 40 colleges have Division I sand volleyball teams, and 2 have Division II. Evidence of the rapid growth is everywhere.

According to Team USA site, “Collegiate beach volleyball was approved to become a championship NCAA DI sport in October, 2014 and DII and DIII in January, 2015. It will now have a full-fledged NCAA championship beginning in spring 2016. The NCAA championship will have an eight-team bracket, double-elimination format, with teams consisting of five pairs of players.â€

According to the In 2007, “USA Volleyball the national governing body, restructured to adjust to the emergence of sand volleyball as a discipline with equivalent stature to the indoor game. The resultant 16-member board is split with equal representation from the indoor and the sand disciplines. USA Volleyball saw over 100 percent growth in its other sand programs, with the best performing being those directed at junior girls. The USAV Beach Junior Tour expanded junior girls participation from 534 in 2007 to 1,757 in 2009, a growth of over 200 percent.