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If you own a beach or backyard volleyball net that has guy-wires/ropes and pegs that hold them down, your family may be at risk of serious injury. When looking for a volleyball net, as with any product, less expensive is not always less costly. Particularly when it comes to the safety of your family. Cobra’s patented ground anchor stake and flex pole technology is completely free standing and safe. Unlike the volleyball injuries caused by guy wire volleyball nets, all Cobra Sports volleyball net systems are completely 100% safe.

Wires are Tripping Hazards

Injuries like this one happen during volleyball games when players are looking at the ball, not the wires. This player didn’t see the wires when he was going for a ball outside the boundary lines, and wound up with a trip to the hospital and 21 stitches. Another injury is caused by stepping on the pegs that hold the wires down. In essence, anything inside the playing zone (plates and spikes) or outside the playing zone (wires and pegs) are cause for concern. When speaking with customer service at Cobra Sports International, a volleyball net manufacturer headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, we learned about their unique safety features. The Cobra Volleyball Net system was created by an avid volleyball player and tournament director for 2 main reasons: safety and quick, one person set up. He patented the system in 1993, and it’s been used by tournament directors, avid volleyball players, schools, churches and, of course, families ever since.

Pegs are Ankle and Foot Hazards

Stepping on pegs that hold down the wires of guy-wire volleyball net systems are common causes of injury. When a foot lands on the peg and the other part on the ground, it twists the ankle and causes intense pressure on the bottom of the foot where the peg hit. Consequently, the player has an ankle sprain and/or a foot bruise that takes them out of the game for quite some time while they heal.

Avoid Injuries with Wire-Free Volleyball Nets

In order to prevent volleyball related injuries, experts recommend a volleyball net that is wire-free. Cobra is the only completely self-supporting wire-free backyard volleyball net . Not only is it the safest volleyball net system on the market, but it’s the most durable. Cobra Sports is passionate about quality and durability of their products. For over 26 years, every Cobra product comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the hardware. This is totally unique in the industry. Compare Cobra’s Lifetime Warranty to 30 day, limited 1 year, or 5 year limited warranties. In fact, the most common thing customers say is that if they had just purchased a Cobra Sports volleyball net instead of replacing the inferior ones every year, it would have cost them less. Additionally, Cobra offers a Viper volleyball net for more casual play. The Viper comes with the same warranties and guarantees as the Cobra.

Don’t ignore the dangers of your backyard volleyball net. Upgrade to a safe wire-free volleyball kit, and keep your family safe this season.