Rules and Regulations: The Difference Between Indoor and Beach Volleyball

If you’re dreaming of hot weather and sandy beaches, you’re probably up for any activity you can do under the summer sun. Beach volleyball is the perfect sport if you’re looking for a fun twist on traditional volleyball. However, if you’re used to indoor volleyball, it’s important to note that there are a few key differences between the two types. Here are some of the main rules and regulations for indoor volleyball and beach volleyball.

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Court Size

The most crucial difference between these two is the size of the indoor and sand volleyball courts. While a typical indoor court is about 60 feet by 30 feet, there is no true standard court size for beach volleyball, as this variation can have games of varying sizes. Indoor courts also have an attack line located about 10 feet away from the centerline, while beach courts do not include an attack line. Because it’s more challenging to move quickly through the sand, beach courts are intentionally smaller to allow for better maneuvering.

Number of Players

For indoor volleyball, up to six players are permitted on each side of the court. Indoor volleyball also involves various rotations to keep all players in their assigned positions throughout the entire game. Beach volleyball, on the other hand, doesn’t require more than two players on each side of the court.

Ball Types

Both types of volleyball are also differentiated by their ball types. Generally speaking, the balls used in indoor volleyball are thicker than those used in beach volleyball. This is because indoor volleyball balls are intended to move through the air more quickly and with greater impact. The balls in beach volleyball tend to be softer and lighter, making it easy for players to follow the weather patterns as they throw the ball around.

Scoring System

Beach volleyball follows a best-out-of-three system. If players win two out of three sets at 21 points each, they claim victory for the whole match. For indoor volleyball, players must win three out of five sets at 25 points each to win the match.

While indoor and beach volleyball are very similar, they also differ in a number of significant ways. Keep these tips in mind the next time you gear up for a game of indoor or beach volleyball. If you’re still looking to perfect your court, Cobra Net Systems has everything you need, from custom-sized nets to outdoor volleyball posts online for purchase. Browse our inventory today to see how we can help make your court the hot spot of the summer!