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Nutrition impacts an athlete’s health and performance. That’s why before heading to the game, you must select your pre-game meal carefully.

The foods you eat should provide energy, healthy nutrients, and calories so you can perform well on the court. The goal is to top up your energy reserves so you can play your best game without feeling too hungry or full.

According to experts, your pre-game meal should be eaten at least two to three hours before the match. You’ll also need to give your body plenty of carbs (50 to 65 percent) because volleyball requires a lot of quick movement and strength.

What You Should Eat Before a Volleyball Competition


Bananas are rich in potassium and carbs, which are essential for muscle growth and exercise performance. Eating bananas pre-game will improve your muscle movements while giving you a good energy boost.


Beans contain protein, fiber, and vitamins. They also supply your body with zinc, copper, calcium, potassium, and iron. They’re simple, delicious, and energy-dense make for a great pre-meal snack.

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Cereal bowls are a quick way of getting high energy levels before a game. For a healthier bowl, add fruits and berries.


Chicken is protein rich and promotes and maintains muscle development while repairing and recovering them. Plus, chicken doesn’t have a lot of fat and is easy to prep!


Eggs are an excellent source of protein, making them a good pre-game snack for athletes. So, before the game, eat boiled eggs or an omelet to give your body the necessary fuel.

Energy bars

Energy bars are another great way of getting a burst of energy for a more extended period. They contain enough good carbs to improve your athletic performance and increase your energy levels.


Yogurt is a must in a volleyball player’s meal. It’s a rich source of calcium that helps strengthen your bones and prevent bone injuries during practices and games. You can always opt for Greek yogurt, which is healthier and low-calorie.

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