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Even the Best Can Get Hurt

Volleyball usually involves repetitive overhead motions such as blocking and spiking. As a result volleyball players are prone to injuries to finger, shoulder, back and knees injuries. However, Cobra Sports encourages all players to warm up and be aware of potential injuries. In addition to that, they are also susceptible to injuries caused by coalition between players. We are going to discuss most common volleyball injuries.


Most concussions usually occur to defensive players. The injury usually occur as a result of direct collision with other players when diving for the ball or from direct ball to head impact. A player who has suffered from concussion should be carefully analyzed by a specialist who is familiar and experienced with concussion care.

Shoulder Injuries

Volleyball involves passing, setting, serving, diving, blocking and hitting. That is why shoulder problems are very common among volleyball players. In fact, it is the most common type of sport related injuries among volleyball players. Shoulder related injuries usually occur due to overload stress and repetitive use that leads to injuries. Competitive players should take necessary precautions to protect their shoulders. For instance, they should limit the amount of spike and serves and listen very carefully to pain signals that their body sends. To prevent shoulder injuries, players are also advised stretch and strengthen their shoulders before playing. They should also use proper mechanics for hitting and serving to lower the risk of shoulder injuries.

Finger Injuries

Volleyball players are prone to fractured, jammed and dislocated fingers caused by direct contact with the ball, other teammates or the net. Blocking, digging and setting also cause finger injuries. Widespread finger position usually put stress on the skin between the fingers causing it to break. This condition is painful and difficult to heal. Players are advised to moisturize skin between fingers regularly to prevent this condition. Figure related injury should be evaluated and treated by a specialist especially if the player experiences significant swelling, discoloration, pain or inability to move the finger.

Low back pain

Most volleyball players usually suffer from lower back pain as a result of leaning forward when passing or hitting or when leaning back. Lower back pain caused by leaning forward usually occur when the disc between the bones of the spine develop issues. On the other hand, pain caused by leaning back is usually caused by stress related injuries on joints and bones. To reduce lower back pain, players are advised to learn how to initiate movement especially with gluteal muscles located on the buttock area. Leg gluteal strengthening exercises are also recommended.

There are many injuries throughout Volleyball and any other sport. However, from the least common to the most common injuries in Volleyball they can all possibly be avoided by stretching, proper exercise and plenty of practice and stay safe!  Play safe!  Be prepared but always have fun!