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Need a cure for those summertime blues? You can find plenty of summer fun right in your own backyard with a  volleyball net. A volleyball net from Cobra offers fun for the whole family. It’s great for throwing parties and bringing life to those dreary summer days, and you can do it all without spending a ton of money.

The Benefits of Your Own Backyard Volleyball Net

What gets kids outside and is cheaper than summer camp? Volleyball, of course! All you need is a net, a ball, and a handful of friends. Volleyball is a fun sport that doesn’t demand too much physical exertion, which makes it great for both kids and adults. Whether you’re setting up your own backyard tournament or just hitting the ball back and forth, a volleyball net is a cost-effective, boredom-stopping solution for summer fun.

There’s no need to live near a beach; you can install a volleyball net in the grass as well as sand. Simply pick a place for your net and hammer the poles into the ground using the handy guidance plates. Having a volleyball net in your backyard gives everyone the chance to serve, set, and spike just like the pros do.

Volleyball is Safe, Family Friendly Fun

One of the major advantages of a Cobra volleyball net is its safe design. Unlike many other volleyball nets, these do not use guy wires. Guy wires can be a tripping hazard for kids and guests, but with a Cobra volleyball net you can use the entire playing area while providing a safe backyard environment. And when you’re finished playing, the Cobra volleyball net packs up easily to make room for other activities.

Unlike an expensive trip to the amusement park, a volleyball net offers fun all summer long with a single purchase. No need to spend an entire day waiting in lines; the kids can simply head into the backyard for daily physical activity. If the kids get tired of volleyball, we can easily adjust your volleyball net for pickleball at no additional charge.

Say Goodbye to Summer Boredom

If you get bitten by the summer blues bug, now you know how to cure it. A volleyball net is your go-to solution for every summer party, from a 4th of July celebration to birthdays or even weekend get-togethers. Get one today and let us know how your party goes!