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Setting up the Cobra volleyball net from Cobra Sports is fast and easy.  The patented design of this portable volleyball net system is not only wireless but is completely self-supporting. Without guy wire, ropes, or heavy steel plates and spikes in the playing zone, it’s portable and easy to set up wherever you want to use it.  In your backyard, at the park or the beach, the Cobra sets up the same way.  You’ll never have to bury sand kits again or hammer pegs in the grass to hold down the guy wires.

Setting It Up

The Cobra’s patented design combines ground anchor stakes with Flex Pole technology.  Drive the ground anchor stakes in the soil or sand with a 6 or 8-pound sledgehammer until they are rock solid.  Pull the top line of the net through the rope clamp, which flexes the poles against the solid stakes.  It’s the “tension” of the flexed poles against the solid stakes that allows the system to stay up and not fall down.  Cobra’s indoor systems come with all the components to set up outdoors as well – a true 2-for-1 system!  Equipped with a special adapter that allows them to work inside, or you can use a simple 6-pound sledgehammer to set the poles firmly in the ground when you want to play outside. At just 33 pounds and the ability to fit into a single bag, the Cobra system is a convenient way to play on the go.

Cobra’s Versatility

Unlike other volleyball nets, Cobra’s net is highly versatile. When you buy an indoor volleyball system from Cobra, you’re actually getting a system that allows you to play both inside and outside in the same net. Not only that, but it comes with three different official volleyball net height settings, as well as settings for two other games: beach tennis and badminton. You can quickly switch between men’s and women’s games by changing the net height, or even switch from a volleyball game to badminton in just minutes. That’s a lot of different setup options for just one net!

Count on Cobra

It’s so important to have a volleyball net that you can rely on. Whether you’re starting a club team, hosting a tournament, or coaching a group of college students, you want a net that works and is available whenever you need it. Fortunately, it’s easy to set up and totally safe. You can leave it up for an extended period of time or stow it in your trunk and set it up in minutes for a day trip at the beach. All of it is done without guy wires or complicated setup routines that just get in the way of having fun.

The kit also comes with pole pads for additional safety. You won’t have a loose, sagging volleyball net or a bunch of guy wires to trip over, which means Cobra volleyball nets are perfect for family fun. The net is even sturdy enough to hang off of! In the end, if you want a volleyball net that will stay tight for the duration of play in grass, sand, or indoors, take a close look at Cobra’s volleyball net. Cobra stands alone.