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Every player in a volleyball game plays an important role on the volleyball court. Generally, all 6 players in the team have positions in the sport and must work together in the game to win.

Let’s discuss these positions in detail.


Setters are often thought of as the team’s quarterbacks in volleyball. Setters are vital passers in the game and must possess strong communication skills to work efficiently with their teammates.

A setter typically plays from the back row on their courtside to make room for the players in the front to hit the volleyball. After the other team serves, the setter sets up below the pass to perform a set pass to the hitters.

Middle Blockers

Middle blockers are another key positions in volleyball that are often the tallest on the team. They’re also called middles and must block the opposing team’s hitters. While playing offense, middle blockers acquire a quick set and spike the volleyball before the opposition sets a block. This attack is called a 1 and is a prevalent type of attack for these players.


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Liberos are often the most active players on a team an the court throughout the game. These players are great at playing defense and passing and are usually spotted executing digs. Liberos are simple to spot on a volleyball court, as they wear a different-hued jersey than the rest of the team.

Outside Hitters

The outside hitters play on the left side of the volleyball court. Outside hitters in the back row frequently receive the opponent’s serve and try to hit the volleyball into the air for a scoring opportunity for their teammate.

These players are well-known for playing in the front row, and they must have the ability to pass the volleyball to their teammate to spike or spike the volleyball themselves.

Opposite Hitters

Unlike the outside hitter, opposite hitters play from the court’s right side and have similar tasks as the outside hitter. The chief difference between the two is the opposite hitter sets up behind the setter.


Some players on a volleyball team are specialists. They have a specified skill set, making them an asset for the team, irrespective of not being all-rounders.

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