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Winter will be ending soon and you’ll want to get ready for beach volleyball.  Here are some things to remember though, because indoor volleyball is slightly different than beach volleyball.

First, the indoor court is bigger. Typically, an indoor volleyball court is approximately 8 feet longer and 5 feet wider than a beach volleyball court. Whereas on the beach you had roughly 52 x 25 feet you now have roughly 60 x 30 feet.

Outdoor volleyball is just as much fun as indoor volleyball.  Of course, a bigger court provides for more players. Whereas the match on a beach officially calls for two players per team, and each of those players plays a variety of positions (one on the left side of the court, and the other on the right) a match on an indoor court calls for six players on each team. The way the game is played is also different too, with each player specializing in a particular position.

There’s also a difference in the scoring. On the beach, the match consists of a best of three sets, with each set being played to 21 points. By contrast, the indoor match consists of a best of five sets, and each set is played until a team reaches 25 points.

Even the ball used is different: the indoor volleyball is smaller, but heavier. The outdoor ball is bigger and lighter to give way to allowing it to float in the air a little. Having little things like the wind affecting the direction of the ball in mid-flight is to be expected and even encouraged in beach volleyball, because the idea is more to have fun. Having an accurate outcome of the match is more valued in indoor volleyball because the idea is more about a serious match.

So, there are some technical differences, but there’s clearly there are also differences in attitude and culture. When you bring the game inside the match goes on longer, it is played with a heavier ball, and there are more players playing on a larger court, each player with an assigned task. But don’t get discouraged, there’s still plenty of room for fun on an indoor volleyball court.

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