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Unlike other sports, volleyball is loved due to its flexibility. Most sports are limited to the outdoors, but you can play volleyball indoors as well as outdoors. Indoor and outdoor volleyball might be considered the same sport, but they have quite a few differences.

Most people may think the only difference lies in the setting, but that’s not the case. One of the most crucial differences is safety. If you’re wondering the differences between indoor and outdoor volley, read this post to know more.

The Ball

A major difference between indoor and outdoor volleyball is the ball itself. The ball for indoor volleyball is much heavier and made of leather, making it tough to hit, perfect for indoor conditions.

On the other hand, outdoor volleyball is much lighter and suited for outdoor weather conditions. This makes it easier for the ball to spin in the air.

The Court Size

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It’s no secret that court sizes vary for outdoor and indoor volleyball. There are diverse court dimensions for outdoor and indoor volleyball since the space varies for both.

Attack Line

Another difference is the attack line. Indoor volleyball courts are spacious, which is why the line is drawn 3 meters from the centerline. However, there are no such lines for outdoor volleyball due to the space restrictions. Players are allowed to hit the ball from anywhere.

Safety Differences

One of the most crucial differences between indoor and outdoor volleyball is safety. Some might think indoor volleyball is safe, while others might think otherwise. Indoor volleyball has its pros since it’s played in a covered area. A covered area prevents players from extreme weather conditions, but it’s played on hard floors. Hard floors can make the player prone to injuries since a minor slip or fall can be detrimental for players.

On the other hand, while playing outdoor volleyball, players are prone to weather conditions, such as the blazing sun, snow, etc. Outdoor volleyball is often played on the beach. The soft sand bed offers players a safe floor to land on when they dive or hit the ball. As a result, injuries are controlled if they slip or trip.

Outdoor and indoor volleyball has their pros and cons, but safety solely depends on preferences and particular cases. In some cases, indoor volleyball might be safer than outdoor volleyball and vice versa.

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