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Often, novice volleyball players find it challenging to get better at the game. However, the key is working harder and smarter to improve your skills. This can ultimately allow you to become a pro player who can contribute to your team’s success.

To help you get started, we’ve listed down a few tips you should follow as a beginner:

Improve Your Serving Skills

Volleyball always begins with a serve, so you must learn how to serve properly.

There are two types of serves: overhand and underhand. Learn about both types to know which serve to pick during your game.

Learn How to Bump the Ball

After you’ve handled the ball, it needs to be passed to the setter. For that, you first have to prepare to bump the ball. You can do this by handling the ball with a fist. Your thumbs should be flat, and your feet shoulder-width apart.

Observe the ball and predict where it’s going to land. Approach it if it’s going to land on your side of the volleyball court.

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Develop Your Setting Skills

Whether you’re a setter or not, you should work on your setting skills. For that, you’ll have to prepare. Your hands should be in the air and form a triangle. Your legs should be slightly bent, and your feet shoulder-width apart.

Practice Attacking Skills

It’s important to develop your attacking skills. Using your dominant hand, you should aim to hit the ball with enough force that it makes it difficult for the opponent’s blocker to resist the hit. You should also watch the blockers on the other team to find holes in their defense.

Master Volleyball Blocking Skills

Blocking is an essential element in a team’s defense. A team’s success depends on how well the blocker stops the opposing team’s attacks, so, as a blocker, you should work hard to improve your blocking skills. It will ensure your opponent can’t resist your attack hit.

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