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If you’ve taken the time to put in a custom pool for your backyard, then you should know that the shape and depth of your pool aren’t the only customizations to consider. Once that water is in place, keep in mind the environment around it and its functionality. You can do this with personal touches like decks, plants, lighting, and even a custom pool volleyball net.

Modern Deck or Natural Oasis

To make your first design decision, ask yourself how people will be using the pool. Will it be a few people lounging in the hot tub area or a big rowdy family playing games like pool volleyball? If your guests plan to do a lot of lounging, a soothing oasis with natural rocks and waterfalls might be just the environment for them. If you plan to entertain a lot of guests or to host a lot of activities, then you might prefer a more traditional deck with modern touches like an outdoor kitchen to take care of all the appetites. Many custom pools have a touch of both designs.

Tile and Lighting Accents

Like most people, you’ll probably be using your pool during the day, at least most of the time, so you’ll want features that people can see in broad daylight. One great way to show off your personality and add a pop of color is to include a tile border around the lip and wall of the pool. If you’re feeling a little more interesting than that and plan to use your pool at night for evening get-togethers and glow-in-the-dark pool volleyball games, then you should think about adding some custom lighting. You can choose from different colors, sizes, and even coordinate them with digital mood settings.

Custom Pool Volleyball Net

One thing many people forget to consider when adding a backyard pool is how to make it more than just a place to swim. How can you maximize the space you’ve now added to your home? One fun option is to add a pool volleyball net. This transforms your pool from a swimming sanctuary to a sleek sports paradise, great for parties, barbeques and everyday pool volleyball games. Worried about finding a net to fit your pool? Don’t worry, Cobra Volleyball Nets makes custom pool volleyball nets to fit any space.

If you’ve recently added a pool to your backyard, don’t forget to consider the entire design, and if you need help getting a few of those details just right, contact Cobra for a custom pool volleyball net.