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During the winter months, we might not receive adequate amounts of vitamin D because of limited exposure to the sun. For volleyball players, this can be a serious problem as a vitamin D deficiency can cause health problems in the short- and long-term, as well as compromise their gameplay.

Here’s why you should consider becoming an outdoor volleyball player during the off-season.

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1. Enhance Muscle Strength

Outdoor volleyball players are exposed to several variables which can be controlled or entirely removed in indoor settings, such as sunlight, wind, temperature, etc. All of these factors together make it physically more challenging to play the game, which in the long run, will help you build greater muscle strength.

2. Build Endurance

Have you found yourself breathing heavily after climbing a flight of stairs? That might indicate that your stamina needs a bit of work. Outdoor volleyball players, including those who play beach volleyball have been found to have greater stamina than indoor players on average since outdoor players have to navigate and respond to environmental changes during their matches.

A red and white seal with the ohio state university logo.

3. Increased Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing volleyball outdoors also contributes to better focus and hand-eye coordination. You’ll find your reflexes getting sharper as you’ll be required to focus and maintain your balance while other things are going on in the background. This is incredibly useful for professional volleyball players who want to stay sharp all year round just in time for their season.

4. Improve Mental Health

Finally, outdoor volleyball players might enjoy better mental health, as being around nature can help release stress and tension in the body, leaving a calmer state of mind. Research has shown that engaging in physical activity helps combat feelings of stress and anxiety, so if you were to combine that with being outdoors, you’ll surely increase your chances of feeling better.

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