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Beach volleyball may seem just like regular volleyball as it’s a variation of the game. However, there are some differences between the two games, and scoring is one of them. Beach volleyball games follow a best-of-three scoring arrangement.

In the first two sets, players play for 21 points, while the third is a tiebreaker for 15 points. To win each set, teams have to win by a two-point margin. Beach volleyball uses rally scoring, which means that each service earns a point irrespective of which team is serving.

Read on to learn how scoring works in beach volleyball:

Sets 1 and 2

When a beach volleyball match starts, the teams play for at least two sets. While playing the first two sets, both teams have to switch sides every time they score seven points. When one team in the game scores 21 points but with a two-point margin, they win the set.

So, if a team reaches the 21 points target but fails to have a two-point margin, the game will continue until one of the teams achieve that margin. In the end, the first team to win both sets takes it all and wins the match.

Sometimes, one team can win a set while the other wins the second set. In such circumstances, a third tiebreaker set will be played.

Tiebreaker Set 3

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The third or the tiebreaker set is unlike the first two sets. Both teams will switch sides every five points rather than switching after seven points. To win this third set, the teams have to score 15 points.

Just like the two sets, teams must have a two-point margin to win this tiebreaker set. The team to win this final set wins the game.

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