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The measurement for women’s competitive volleyball net’s height is 7’ 4 1/8†from the center.

A quality net is made of two horizontal canvas’s or vinyl bands that run from end to end, and the two are kept taut by cords during play. Tournament nets have a length, width and height dimension of 31 X 6 X 33 inches. The court’s length is 59 feet, and the net is slightly extended over its width.

High school volleyball net height is equal for both genders, but when coaching girls below the age of 10, there will be a height difference.

Tips for Measuring a Regulation Volleyball Net

A spokesperson from  Cobra Sports International suggests the following things should be remembered when measuring regulation volleyball net heights:

  • The net height should always be measured from the center of the court using a net chain.
  • Ensure that both ends of the sideline of the net have an equal height from the playing surface.
  • The official volleyball net height should never be exceeded by more than ¾â€.
  • Volleyball net height for beach volleyball should be measured from the level where the sand is stable.
  • Volleyball net height for areas with long grass should be measured from the ground level and not from the level of the grass.

Beach Volleyball

Female adult beach volleyball standard net height is 7’, 4 1/8†while that of men in the same category is 7’, 11 5/8â€. Minor adjustments are allowed for teenagers under 14 years where the height can be lowered to 6’, 11 ½†while payers below the age of 12 can play at the height of 6′, six ¾” from the level of stable sand.

Outdoor Volleyball

When playing volleyball on the grass, women’s net height should be 7’, 4 1/8â€, while that of men should be 7’, 11 5/8â€. Always measure the height of the net from the level of the ground and not from the top of the grass.

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History of Volleyball in the USA

Volleyball has its origin in the United States where it enjoys popularity only second to football among participation sports as is the case globally. At present, Americans more than 24 million play volleyball. Globally, 800 million people play the sport at least one time in a week.

Scoring in the game requires a team to pass the ball to the opponent’s side over the net and have it become grounded. The back-row player in the right side serves the ball to the opponent’s court by hitting it using the hand to put the ball into play.

The ball can only be hit not more than three times by a team including contact from blocking before being returned to the other team’s court. No player should consecutively touch the ball, except during blocking. A score is made when the ball touches the ground, leaves the court from the opponent’s side, or a fault is committed.