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Essential Volleyball Net Safety Tips

When you get a new indoor or outdoor volleyball net, the most important thing to keep in mind is proper safety procedures. You want to ensure that everyone playing has a safe and enjoyable time, whether the net is set up indoors, outdoors, or in the pool. The way that your net gets constructed has a significant impact on the type of safety measures put in place by the manufacturer. 

Different professional beach volleyball sets have different configurations and methods of staying upright during play. With a net from Cobra Net Systems, you receive a volleyball net system that stays upright and taut without having to stop play and make adjustments on the fly. 

Preventing Injuries

Volleyball can quickly become a physically taxing sport that requires quick twist motions and sudden movements. While contact and non-contact injuries can happen at a moment’s notice, ensuring that the nets are not the root cause of these injuries means your net needs to be constructed in a certain way.

No Wires, No ProblemsA red and white seal with the ohio state university logo.

As we alluded to earlier, the best way to prevent devastating net-related injuries starts with ensuring your net is a free-standing net. If the net is supported through guy-wires or other means, players face increased risks of running into them in the heat of the moment and getting injured as a result. Depending on the speed upon impact, the injuries can prove devastating, such as the one pictured below (not for the faint of heart!): 

A red and white seal with the ohio state university logo.

With a volleyball net from Cobra Net Systems, you get a system that doesn’t use guy-wire and still finds ways to stay upright. Without the use of guy-wire, our nets minimize the risk of injuries during the course of the game. 

Staying Tight Throughout the Game 

Another factor that can lead to injuries during the game comes from how tight the net is. A taut net that doesn’t loosen or come undone during a game provides the safest playing environment for players. You don’t have to worry about stopping play from retightening the netting or having a sagging net potentially cause injury over a contested ball. 

Flex Pole Technology

Our nets utilize a specially developed system aimed to eliminate the need for complicated wires and stakes that can potentially become a hazard. Our flex pole technology consists of two alloy poles designed to have a slight bend that should never break. Their design provides a sturdy playing experience that volleyball players enjoy. Additionally, if you’re bringing your volleyball net with you on the go, we include a heavy-duty portable bag for you to bring your volleyball court experience to the beach!

When it comes to indoor or outdoor volleyball games, you want to ensure that the nets you use come from a trusted supplier with a history of putting player safety first. As one of the only volleyball net manufacturers to develop a system that doesn’t require the use of guy-wire or heavy wooden stakes to keep your net in place, Cobra Net Systems is the top choice for any volleyball system. 

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