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Feeling a little cooped up this winter? Just because it isn’t volleyball season, doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and play some ball with your backyard volleyball net! In fact, winter volleyball makes digging and diving even more fun! Plus, if the weather is just right, there are lots of other games you can play with your volleyball net in the snow.

Snow Ball Wars

Everybody loves a snowball fight, and you can make it even more challenging with a volleyball net in the middle. To play Snow Ball Wars, each team must stay on their side of the net and within the court boundaries. They then launch snow balls over the net (not through) to try to hit people on the other side to get them out. The first team to get all the other players out wins.

Snow Court Designs

If you’re looking for something with a little less adrenaline, we’ve got a more creative game for you. Have you ever marveled at the simple beauty of a snow angel? Well, what about snow court design? After a fresh coat of snow falls, each team takes one side of the court. They then use their feet and bodies to create beautiful snow patterns across the white palate. Choose an impartial judge to pick their favorite court, and you’ll have your winner. Don’t forget to share some pics online!

Serving Targets

If you want to maintain your volleyball skills despite the cold weather, you might want to try this serving game. First, get everyone involved by building an equal number of snowmen on each side of the net. We recommend six on each side to represent the six players. Then, start serving. The first team to knock down all the snowmen wins!

Bump, Set, Lights!

Have you ever tried night volleyball? This can be the perfect Christmas game for your family. For this, you simply use your volleyball net and court border as an outline for your Christmas lights. Get creative and create a great design. Then, using a ball painted with glow in the dark paint, you can play all night long. Don’t forget your mittens!

Don’t let winter get you down. Get out there and put your backyard volleyball net to some use this season. Have more winter volleyball ideas? Share your thoughts!