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Beach Volleyball now has over 40 NCAA Division I teams and if this trend keeps growing at this pace, it will be everywhere very soon. For those of you new to this sport, we thought we’d go over a few basics of sand volleyball, which is what the NCAA calls beach volleyball since it can be played far away from any true beach.

Beach Volleyball, which is also interchangeably called Sand volleyball has only a few basic requirements. One is a good net and that’s where the Cobra Outdoor Volleyball System and the Viper Outdoor Volleyball Net System come into play. These beach volleyball net systems are complete court set ups. They can be installed in just minutes and are completely portable, coming in their own carrying bag. The Cobra System weighs just 37 pounds. The great thing about these net systems is that they have no guy wires meaning there are no wires to trip over. This means never having to think about wires and being able to fully commit to getting each ball!

Beach volleyball is played by two teams, both having just two players. Players are barefoot. This makes it really fun to watch because you can get to know the players. The object is the same as traditional volleyball, to ground the ball on the opponent’s side of the court. Each team gets three touches of the ball before it must be sent over the net or the other team gets a point. This sport can be played with mixed sex teams, or single sex teams. The scoring system is the best of three games with games being played to the score of 21.

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