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How have your New Year’s resolutions been going so far? Have you given up or relaxed the rules a little bit yet? Don’t worry. Your problem isn’t you. It’s your workout. If the activities you’re using to accomplish your goals aren’t engaging, you’ll be more likely to stop doing them. If you want to achieve those goals, try fitting those skills into a fun medium like volleyball. It can do more than just get you in shape.

Lose Weight

The most popular reason to play any cardio-based sport is, of course, to lose weight. Playing a game of volleyball requires a strong heart to work really hard. This really sheds the pounds, especially if you play all three matches. Running to retrieve balls, jumping to hit or block at the net, and squatting to defend the court all burn fat. Try playing three or four times a week and see how thin you look by week eight!

Increase Strength

Doing all those repetitive sets and matches will also help you build muscle mass. Whether you just want to tone up a little or if you really want to add some muscle, just think of how all those reps will help you in this task. Instead of static weight training, try volleyball for something a little more competitive and engaging. Plus, a backyard volleyball net system is less expensive than a gym membership and more fun too!

Gain Agility

Although it can increase your strength, volleyball is not a brute force sport like football or hockey. Instead, it’s better to be nimble. If you’d like to work on your speed, flexibility, and agility, volleyball is the perfect sport for you. Digging, setting, and blocking drills are perfect for working up some nimble hands, feet, and legs.

Heighten Focus

Because volleyball takes so much hand-eye coordination, it requires you to be focused. Playing regular rounds of volleyball helps you improve the part of the brain that focuses in on a goal and executes it. This can help you accomplish goals in your day-to-day life. Coaches often reference the setter’s position as the most intellectual, so if you’re looking to improve your focus, strategy, and decision-making skills, try taking over as your team’s setter.

Improve Mood

Volleyball and other active sports aren’t just for your body and brain. They can also help give your emotions a boost. Studies show that regular, intense physical activity releases endorphins, and these are exactly what make you feel happy. If the winter weather has you feeling a little down this season, try a few games of volleyball to boost your mood.

Love all these ideas, but don’t have a gym membership or set-up of your own? Invest in an affordable and durable backyard volleyball net system for you and your family, and start checking off those resolutions today!