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Are you a volleyball newbie? If yes, you’re in for an exciting and fun-filled game! But that’s for later. Before playing any sport, you need to know its rules and violations to know what you’re up for.

Knowing these volleyball violations will guarantee a perfect match. If you want to learn about these violations, we’re here to help!’

We’ve compiled a list of some common volleyball violations to help you.

Attacking Violations

There are certain attacking violations you need to follow when playing a volleyball match. They are as follows:

  • Opponents complete the attack on a served ball when the ball is completely above the net and in the front zone.
  • The libero completes the attack when the ball is completely above the net.

Blocking within the Opponents Space

The defense can only place their hands over the net if it doesn’t interfere with the opposing team’s game. It’s prohibited to go beyond that.

Consecutive Contact

A player isn’t allowed to hit the ball twice consecutively. There are certain cases when double contact is allowed. For instance, if a player is blocking or has their first team contact.

Any consecutive contact otherwise is considered a violation.

Four Hits

If a ball hits the team four times before it’s thrown back to the opposing team, it’s considered a violation.

Assisted Hit

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No player by any means shall assist another player or team while playing the game. Any assistance shall immediately be considered a violation.

Ball Crossing the Net outside the Crossing Space

The ball needs to cross pass over the net within the area assigned or the crossing space. Failure to do so can be considered a violation. In addition, the ball can’t touch the ceiling or have any contact with it.

Penetration Under the Net

Players throughout the game can’t cross the net line and pass to the opposite side. Any penetration under the net is a violation.

Contact with the Net

During the match, players are strictly prohibited from coming in contact with the volleyball net—failure to comply results in a violation.

Illegal Substitution

Players can only exit and reenter the game once and retain their original position. If players cross this allotted time or try to change their current position, they are penalized with illegal substitution.

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