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Isn’t it shocking that more than 187 thousand injuries are treated in clinics, hospitals, and other medical centers in America every year? Unfortunately, that number is partially high because of all of the athletic injuries that take place. Let’s admit it, although sports are a lot of fun for us competitive types, they are very demanding on the body. Volleyball is certainly one of these sports, but we want to help prevent those injuries for giving you the five top tips to keep yourself safe this season.

Warm Up before Playing Volleyball

A good coach will always advise you to warm and stretch before beginning your game. This is because chances of injuries are high with cold muscles. You can, therefore, warm up with running, walking, jumping jacks, etc. Your volleyball coach may have some more specific warm-ups for you to do, but most of these calisthenics can be done at home right in front of your own backyard volleyball net.

Use the Best Backyard Volleyball Net Kit

Believe it or not, accidents due to nets are quite common. The nets can overturn and fall on players if they hang on bendable supports, and players can trip over guy wires and loose nets. Therefore, precautions should be taken. Wires that support the volleyball net should be covered using a soft material. If this doesn’t work well for you, you can choose a smarter set-up and use Cobra Volleyball nets. These net systems are designed without guy wires, and their poles and nets are much sturdier. This means there will be minimum chances for injury.

Wear Lightweight Court or Tennis Shoes

When playing volleyball, it’s all about balance, and this starts with your feet. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right shoes. For volleyball, you want shoes that are lightweight, as they offer strong arch and ankle support. They also ensure good shock absorption. When browsing at the shoe store, simply ask for their court and tennis shoes. These will work great both on the court and in the backyard.

Have Some Basic First-Aid Knowledge

Every player must have basic knowledge related to first-aid. This involves an ability to administer bruises, facial cuts, strains, sprains, and minor tendinitis. You should also have a plan for reaching medical personnel in case of injuries like finger sprain, elbow contusions, and fractures. If you’re on a team, your coach will be trained in minor first-aid, but it’s always helpful to have these skills when you play at home with family and friends.

Make Sure the Court is Clear

When you have a backyard volleyball net, there may be items from other activities left behind on the court. Be sure to do a court check before playing to look for any items that could be tripping or cutting hazards.

Once you’ve taken all the precautions, you should be relatively safe. If you’re ready to get out there and play in a safe and fun way, check out the best backyard volleyball net kit to play with.