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Just like any other sport, volleyball also comes with the threat of injury concerns, whether you’re playing indoor or outdoor volleyball. Some injuries can be caused by the continuous stress, while others can be caused due to a direct impact or wrong movement. Here are some more injuries that are common with volleyball players and ways you can prevent them.

Hand or Finger Injuries

Perhaps one of the most common injuries is in your hands or fingers when you have to block the ball at the volleyball net. If your hands aren’t in proper position the ball can impact the webbing of your fingers causing them to split, break, or tear. This is perhaps one of the worst places to get an injury as their technical position disables proper and quick healing and, in some cases, may even cause sutures.

Another vulnerable area is your wrist, as the ball impacts your hand with force and can cause a lot of pressure to it. You can prevent this issue by ensuring you keeping your wrist rigid and the spacing between your fingers is uniform to let the kinetic energy from the ball evenly divide on impact.

Knee or Ankle Injuries

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If you’re a regular volleyball player and have never suffered ankle or knee pain, you’re lucky. That’s because the game requires you to jump constantly to hit a shot and land properly. One wrong step could lead to you twisting your knee or ankle. This is why it’s always recommended to wear an ankle or knee brace to protect both these places.

Shoulder Injuries

There are no surprises that shoulder injuries are pretty common with volleyball players. These are usually caused due to continuous stress and use of the shoulder. Issues with your rotator cuff muscles can lower the range of motion and pain. Furthermore, it can also affect your serving power and accuracy.

You can prevent such issues by properly warming up. This can also be prevented using strength training and not overusing your shoulders when you can feel tightness and fatigue in the area.

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