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In a volleyball game, blocking is crucial as it allows team members to prevent their opponents from a spike. As simple as this defensive play may seem, it isn’t, especially when players have to be mindful of errors and penalties in the game.

This piece talks about blocking errors to steer clear of while playing the sport.

What is Considered a Blocking Error?

Blocking errors occur when a player comes in contact with the volleyball net while blocking the volleyball from coming to their side but fails. If players have a poor blocking form, like wrong timing, it’s not officially recorded as a blocking error.

In fact, most blocking errors occur when players make illegal notions at the volleyball net.

Let’s go through different types of blocking errors.


Tooling happens when a hitter strikes the volleyball off the blocker’s hands, causing it to land out of the court’s bounds. When this occurs, the hitting team scores since the blocking team was the last to contact the volleyball before moving over the volleyball net.

If blockers let the hitter tool the ball out of their hand, it can be a blocking error.

Volleyball Net and Centerline Violations

Blocking errors can also occur when the centerline or net violation is called. In simpler words, if they touch the net while blocking, they commit a net violation and lose a point. Moreover, a centerline violation is called if a player’s foot crosses the court’s centerline.

These mishaps usually take place when a player doesn’t have the right form while blocking the game. For instance, if they jump horizontally rather than vertically while blocking, they can get too close to the volleyball net. As a result, they may easily break these rules.

Player Faults

A player can often make multiple mistakes in the game that can be considered blocking errors. These mistakes include wrong positioning, etc. As a result, players must be careful with their play, as they could make blocking errors.

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